Isaac & Sharna are tango dancers based in Washington, DC. This is their travel blog in which they hope to record various tango adventures and keep in touch with friends around the world while on tour. Their professional website is www.isaacsharna.com.

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  1. happy everything, you two. it’s been hard to get around the fact that you guys aren’t here and I’ve found that the last 3 times I’ve tried to call, I would get so irritated by the time I got around to pressing the 4 or 5th digit I would just hang up and curse my the-world-revolves-around-me mental tantrum for, once again, foiling my plans to talk to one of you two…preferrably both.

    I miss you two and, despite my ranting, I am so excited for the two of you.

    so in keeping with the spirit of quanza…if it ain’t broke, you ain’t been pushing hard enough.


    so I’ve been up all night drinking tea and eating cheetos. the two together suck but after about 10 hours of it, it starts to taste a little like buttered bread. I’ll have to figure that out once I wake up a few hours from now.

    anyways…what I really wanted to say is that the world is that much more beautiful with the two of you in it; the two of you together, well…it don’t get much better than that, right? all my love.

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